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Ultimate Icons

the ultimate icon experience

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ultimateicons is your one stop for the ultimate icon experience on LJ.

If you're only interested in the pretty icons, please friend the community for updates through your flist.

Posting access is by invitation only. If you wish to apply, you can post 8 of your best icons to the application post for consideration. If accepted, you can view your invite here.


1. Give credit. Give the iconmaker the recognition they deserve.
2. Do not hotlink. If you do not know what hotlinking entails, you should not be taking icons.
3. Do not alter, copy, redistribute, or claim these as your own.
4. Give comment. Feedback and comments encourage members to post more.


1. Icons only. Everything else, eg banners and wallpapers, must be behind a cut.
2. 2-3 teasers are required. Please lj-cut the rest to the community, or fake-lj-cut to your journal.
3. Clearly state the number of icons and the respective fandoms/celebrities in the post.
4. Have pride in your work. If you have an off-day and you feel that your graphics aren't up to scratch, please don't post them. Only post what you are proud of. Thanks. (Deletion may occur at moderator's discretion)

It is assumed that all icons posted are available for sharing. Therefore if your journal post is friends-locked or you do not want others to use the icons, please do not post them.

Any irrelevent posts will be deleted without consultation. Not following the rules will result in a warning. Repeated abuse will cause your membership to be revoked.


AFFILIATES geekyicons good_aliasicons good_galacticon good_gilmore good_movieicons goodsticons sgc_elite scifi_exclusive xover_graphics

Community created by ginaeon and comodded by the lovely illuxtris.

Network: ultimateicons ultimatewalls ultimatebanners

Layout coding by ohcodey.

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